We are two guys named Luca and Elisa who share the desire to travel, discover and get excited around the world. We had the idea of ​​sharing these sensations that the world has offered us by creating CROSS AROUND company. On each shirt dedicated to a city or experience you will find a small QR code, and once scanned you will be able to access a completely free guide.

Our Vision and Mission are important foundations for the growth and future of our project.

Vision: Values ​​that cannot be missing in our project are the constant search for innovation between the way of traveling and the experience itself. A unique way to combine beauty and creativity. A point of reference between person and experience.

Mission: to encourage young people to travel the world, helping them to get out of their comfort zone. A different way to discover the destination, a Taylor made journey to wear every time you want to fill the curiosity that lives inside each of us